8 Questions About Bearings


1. Are you a real bearings manufacturer?


We are a bearing manufacturer but do not produce all types of bearings, mainly roller bearings, and some ball bearings, and no manufacturer can make all types of bearings independently. More importantly, our mature supply chain system can provide stable quality products and competitive prices. For customers who are inconvenient to come to China, we can accept video factory audits.


2. Who is the best bearing manufacturer?


In terms of total sales, SKF is the world's well-deserved number one in the bearing industry, accounting for about 14% of the total global bearing sales. SKF is a bearing technology company that produces rolling bearings, seals, mechatronics, and lubrication products. Of course, SKF is not good at all bearing categories. For example, in mechanical automation bearings, the Japanese THK brand has more advantages. As for miniature bearings, Japan's NMB and China's DAW are all very good choices. SKF's comprehensive strength is the strongest, and the price is also very high. If you want a choice without thinking, then choose SKF brand bearings.


3. Where are bearings manufactured?


Among the top ten bearing brands globally, there are five in Japan, two in Germany, two in the United States, and one in Sweden. According to this data, the bearings should be made in Japan, Germany, the United States, and Sweden. But in fact, the largest producer of bearings globally is China. The top ten bearing brands mentioned above, without exception, all have factories in China, and there are a large number of them. Therefore, the accurate answer is: Most of the bearings are manufactured in the factories of the top ten bearing companies. (Tips: The largest actual production of bearings is in China.


4. What are car bearings?


Classification of automotive bearings


Engine ball bearings, condenser fans, automotive water pump shaft bearings, needle roller bearings for engine rocker arms, automotive generator bearings, automotive air-cooled fan bearings 608, 629, automotive tensioner bearings, clutch release bearings, silicone oil fan bearings, air conditioning compressor bearings

Suspension System:

Tapered bearings for truck axles and differentials

Wheel Hub:

The first, second or third generation wheel hub bearing


Tapered Roller Bearings, Cylindrical Roller Bearings, Ball Bearings, Needle Roller Bearings for gearboxes


5. How do I order bearings?


The easiest way to order bearings is by the bearing model, such as 6202-2RS, which refers to a sealed deep groove ball bearing. Suppose you only know the approximate size of the bearing or the application scenario. In that case, it isn't easy to find the corresponding bearing because there are many bearing models, and two adjacent numbers have nearly the same appearance, which is often invisible from pictures or videos.

If you need to customize a bearing, you need to get detailed drawings or a sample. Then the supplier disassembles the sample and makes the same bearing. However, it is difficult for the current bearing manufacturers to provide a small number of customized bearings, and the most common is to buy bearings through existing models.


6. Will you disappear after I pay?


Now, it is mainly online trade. Even if I am a real-bearing supplier, customers who have not seen it in person will question the authenticity. We can provide video factory audits for cooperative customers, and please pay attention to our website and social media. Continuous updates will make you feel that we are a real “Bearing Man”.


7. How can I judge your quality?


Regarding the question of quality, firstly, we provide a free sample for customers to test. Secondly, our products meet China's national bearing standards and can be tested according to customers' requirements. The quality grade of bearings is complex; different materials, precision, heat treatment, and even grease will affect the quality of a bearing.

Tips: The quality of Chinese bearings has been steadily improving. Compared with SKF and FAG bearings, the price has a considerable advantage. And FAG and SKF bearings now can be entirely replaced by Chinese bearings in many applications. I suggest that our customers could consider high-end bearings of Chinese brands.


8. Is your price high?


In our self-produced bearing models, our price has an obvious advantage. Among the bearings we distribute, the cost of CNB can also be the same as that of many manufacturers because we focus on purchasing a large number of bearings every year, which can sign price agreements with many manufacturers.

In addition, price and quality are closely related. If you talk about price without quality, you may end up with counterfeit or defective products, and our advantage lies in the same quality and reasonable price.