Agricultural Machinery Bearings

  In all parts of the world, agriculture is a primary industry. The use of reliable and durable components is crucial for adequately maintaining agricultural machinery and timely harvesting crops.

  Agricultural machinery bearings are essential parts of farm machinery. They are widely used in agricultural vehicles, tractors, diesel engines, hay rakes, balers, harvesters, threshers, and other agricultural machinery. Bearings' accuracy, performance, life, and reliability play an important role in the continuous work of the machinery.


  Agricultural machinery bearings must operate under challenging conditions, adapting to environments ranging from dry and abrasive to wet and corrosive. In addition, it needs to meet the requirements of long life and durability under heavy load conditions to help farmers reduce downtime and maintenance costs and increase output.


The characteristics of agricultural machinery bearings:

  • It can sustain continuous vibration and high impact load
  • High-precision sealing design to meet reliable operation under various weather conditions;
  • Low maintenance or maintenance-free design
  • Easy to install, can provide integral unit
  • Simple structure design
  • Ensure long-term stable operation of the machine


There are also many types of equipment in agricultural machinery used for different occasions and purposes, so the bearings are also different.

Here are the commonly used bearing types in farm machinery:

  • Agricultural machinery ball bearings (round hole, square hole or hexagonal hole, lock ring, re-lubricating hole or grease nipple)
  • Angular contact ball bearings
  • Pillow block bearings
  • Needle roller bearings
  • Tapered roller bearings


The peak agricultural season in spring and autumn is the real test of agricultural farming. The hard soil poses a challenge to the strength of all mechanical parts, which requires agricultural machinery bearings to have a more robust load-bearing capacity.

Tillage machinery bearings are usually integrated with a flanged bearing to simplify assembly. For example, the plow disc-connected bearing has a certain inclination angle to install on the plowing surface. The bearing is required to bear the lateral load, overturning moment, and radial load.


The bearing unit includes:

  • Double row angular contact ball bearings, derived from the automotive wheel hub bearing series-high load carrying capacity, high roll stiffness, double-sided sealing
  • Anti-corrosion protection machined bearing housing
  • Threaded pin with the positioning surface
  • Anti-loosening washer

Products used in farming machinery include pillow block bearings and housing units, sealed deep groove ball bearings and angular contact ball bearings, tapered roller bearings, hexagonal and square bore bearings, idler units, and chain drive idler wheels tooth unit.




Gearbox bearings and components.

Larger radial load and axial load, cylindrical roller bearings without an outer ring are especially suitable for planetary gearboxes.

Tapered roller bearings are suitable for hydraulic motors, hydraulic pumps, gearbox pinion shaft supports, and rear axle drives integrated with gearboxes.

Application in the chassis

The outer ring belt applied at the hinge point of the spring end of the chassis front axle can only lubricate the joint bearing of the system;

The critical maintenance-free rod end bearing used in the front axle steering system of the independent suspension;

Engine components and systems

In tractor engine applications, belt drive components, tensioners and generator overrun pulleys, water pump and fan bearings, and needle roller cage assemblies for connecting rod mechanisms.



Harvesting machinery


In agricultural engineering applications, as long as there are rolling bearings, there are seals. A good seal has two important functions: maintaining high-quality grease inside the bearing and preventing contaminants and moisture from entering. Efficient sealing increases the service life of the bearing and also extends the working life of the agricultural machinery.

Pillow block bearing is mainly used in harvesting machinery in the field of agricultural machinery. The pillow block bearing and the housing are easy to install and can compensate for shaft misalignment within a certain range.



Which types of bearings we commonly use in the various kinds of agricultural machinery?





Ground Rice Machine:



Corn thresher:



Wheat planter:

Inner hexagon 6204RS、Square bore 6205RS





Corn planter:



Grain Depot Conveyor:



Turbine Reducer:









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