Self-lubricating Sintered Bushings

Self-lubricating sintered bushings are also called Porous Bearings. It is a sintered body made of powder metallurgy with metal powder as the main raw material. It is inherently porous, and the number, size, shape, and distribution of the pores can be adjusted freely during the manufacturing process.


Features of Self-lubricating sintered bushings:


1.The constant oil presence eliminates the risk of seizure and allows the bearing to work for thousands of hours without wear.

2. Maintenance-free, no need for lubricants.

3.Sleeve bearings with sliding friction and lubricating oil are used as drag reducers. Although it is possible to form a complete oil film, in most cases, this bearing is in a mixed friction state with an incomplete oil film.

4. In the initial period of use, the operating noise is low and the manufacturing cost is low, but the wear is serious, and the service life is far behind that of the ball bearing;

5. When used for a long time, because there is no oil seal, the lubricating oil will gradually volatilize, and dust will enter the bearing, which will cause the equipment to slow down and increase noise.



Working principle of Self-lubricating sintered bushing


Porous bearings take advantage of the porous nature of the material or the affinity with the lubricating oil. Before the bearing shell is installed and used, the lubricating oil is soaked into the bearing material. The bearing can be operated without lubricating for a long time.


When the bearing is in a non-operating state, the lubricating oil fills its pores. During operation, the shaft rotation generates heat due to friction, and the thermal expansion of the bearing bush reduces the pores, so the lubricating oil overflows and enters the bearing gap. When the shaft stops rotating, the bearing shell cools down, the pores are restored, and the lubricating oil is sucked back into the pores. Therefore, it is very suitable for occasions where oil supply is difficult or lubricating oil contamination is avoided. This kind of bearing is widely used in the motor industry, massage equipment, home appliances, digital products, OA office equipment, power tools, textile machinery, packaging machinery, and other machines

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