2020 China International Bearing Industry Exhibition

2020 China International Bearing Industry Exhibition was held in Shanghai

The 17th China International Bearing and its special equipment exhibition, held by China Industry Association has been held in Shanghai National Convention and Exhibition Center from December 9th to 12th, 2020, during which the 2020 Shanghai International Bearing Summit will also be held, and a series of activities such as the General Assembly of the Bearing Industry Association, the bearings and machine tools, reducers and wind driven generator , etc. three technology development exchange meetings.

The themes of 2020 China International Bearing and Special Equipment Exhibition and 2020 Shanghai International Bearing Summit are: forge ahead on a new journey, build a new pattern, invigorating new driving forces , re-innovating resplendence..

This exhibition brought together nearly a thousand companies including world-renowned multinational companies and domestic bearing and related industries with industry influence and representing the level of the national bearing industry. The exhibition area reached 55,000 square meters, and the products covered domestic and foreign bearings and bearing parts. , Bearing special equipment and related supporting bearing industry chain products.

During the bearings exhibition, a series of supporting activities will be held, such as the 2020 Shanghai International Bearing Summit and the China Bearing Industry Association Member Conference. A number of technical exchange meetings and lectures will also be held in the same period. For example, the China Axis Association and China Machine Tool Industry Association will hold jointly the "Machine Tool and Bearing Technology Development Exchange Meeting" on December 10, and professional technical lectures include anti-friction wear wheel bearings. Research progress of grease and high-temperature and high-speed bearing grease, bearing ring grinding solutions using high-performance CBN abrasives, application of high-performance grinding electric spindles in the bearing industry, quality evaluation and failure analysis of rolling bearings, abrasives in bearings The key technologies of the industry, etc. So many exciting activities will make the exhibition grand and lively. It is expected that there will be 100,000 professional visitors gathered at this event.

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